The Social Development Commission (SDC) is an agency of the government of Jamaica that falls under the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, responsible for creating and strengthening the capacity of civil society to encourage development at the community level.

Established in a rich history of safeguarding the welfare of Jamaica’s working class citizens, the Social Development Commission (SDC), under the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, works with Jamaica’s 783 communities to “…do any act or thing which may directly, or indirectly serve the advancement of sport, social, cultural, and economic development for the people of Jamaica and the workers in particular.”

The efforts of the SDC has yielded 4637 active Community Based Organisations (CBOs), 415 active Community Development Committees, and has recently created a national petition for local government to pass the Local Governance Act. This will allow groups to obtain formal registration and recognition, as well as empower them to request and mobilize resources. The SDC works directly with community members, who are a part of Community Development Committees (CDCs), Youth Clubs, Citizens Associations and similar groups, to enhance their own well being.


Our Mission

“To facilitate the empowerment of citizens in communities, enabling their participation in an integrated, equitable, sustainable National Development Process.”

Our Vision

“To be the leading community development agency working within a Jamaican Society where all citizens actively participate in a process and benefits from the resulting good governance, economic prosperity, sustainable environment and social well-being.”