UWI Mona Social Services Township Project: August Town

The Mona Social Services University Township Project began in August 2006, and has been in operation for 8 years in Kingston & the parish of St. Andrew. It works to achieve this by facilitating the sustainable development of under-privileged communities surrounding the UWI, MONA Campus, such as August Town, through active partnerships and projects focused on development initiatives.

On a broad scale, MSS serves a population of 17,000 between the communities of Greater August Town and Mona Common. MSS reaches residents of participating communities, ages 3 years and older.

The Township Project is part of a University of the West Indies, Mona (UWI) initiative to foster a better relationship between the UWI and its neighbouring communities of the Greater August Town area. The project focuses on six areas of needs: education, health, skills training, entrepreneurship, sports and culture and crime prevention. The residents of the community benefit as the UWI increases its social, cultural and economic welfare activities.

The project seeks to engage the community in a more meaningful and collaborative way by partnering with members of the community, the private sector and other stakeholders.


Our Mission

“Foster Integration of Inner-City Communities Surrounding the University of the West Indies.”

Our Vision

“To develop an economically sustainable community resource facility that is easily replicate throughout inner-city communities across urban Jamaica and delivers services that contribute to the economic development of the citizens of Jamaica.”